The Gorgeous New Milwaukee-Eight

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The fanfare for the Milwaukee-Eight has been huge. It's not every year Harley-Davidson decides to roll out a new engine, in fact, its not every fifteen years. In the 100+ years since the founding of Harley Davidson Motorcycle's, this is only the ninth installment of the signature Big Twin Engine. While the Milwaukee-Eight sits in the company of giants, it's not to be reckoned with. The engine has more power than any other Harley-Davidson motor in History. Suffice to say, the fans are celebrating.

Here are some of the features you won't find on the Harley's of old old Harley-Davidson engines:

-50% more intake and exhaust flow

-revamped cooling system that allows the engine to work harder without overheating

-8 valve (hence the number 8 in the engines moniker)

-single cam

-chain drive

-specialized exhaust note

This last feature just so happens to be a major selling point. Many Harley motors in the past have had excessive engine noise, a problem Harley-Davidson claims to have eliminated completely.

If you've seen one if these beauties up close you are lucky indeed. The slimmed down appearance of the Milwaukee-Eight leaves you with a stunning impression.

The new touring bikes will have more power than ever before but, in typical Harley-Davidson fashion, there is also the option of adding the signature Screamin' Eagle Performance Parts to the Milwaukee-Eight. This gives Harley-Davidson owners the opportunity to enhance their motorcycle's performance up to another 24 percent on top of the original enhanced specs of the engine.

If a revamped engine wasn't enough, Harley has also tuned in to the requests if their customers and decided is was time to make a suspension change too. Showa has jumped on board to build the suspension. It's collaboration and innovation that seems to be at the helm of Harley-Davidson in 2017.

Harley-Davidson is an iconic brand and with projects like the Milwaukee-eight  they're showing how they are able to be in touch with the ever growing demands and technologies that is expected of their bikes while remaining true to the history that the company has forged