Triumph Saddlebags

Triumph has a wide range of saddlebags to suit every make and model of motorcycles. The various series of Triumph saddlebags include Triumph America, Triumph Rocket III Roadster, Triumph Rocket III Touring, Triumph Speedmaster, Triumph Thunderbird, Triumph Thunderbird 1700 Big Bore and Triumph Thunderbird SE. You can choose the right kind of Triumph bag by looking for answers to the following questions.

What shape and size you want it to be?

Depending on the structure of your motorcycle and your tastes and requirements you can choose from different shapes of Triumph Saddlebags like slanted, quarter circle, Concord, etc. in variable sizes like small, medium or large. If your bike has external shocks to ensure that saddlebag fits well, buy Triumph saddlebags with shock cutouts. What you intend to carry in it?
If you intend to carry too many things, make sure you buy Triumph saddlebags with multiple compartments so that it’s easy to find everything. Now valuable items or important documents can be kept safe in saddlebags which have built-in locking systems. For storing voluminous items like full face helmets, a spacious medium to large Triumph saddlebag suits best. Is it for daily use or long tours?
For longer tours, it is advisable to have weather resistant saddlebags with a heavy-duty fiberglass body and metal frame that ensures it retains its shape. You can find such saddlebags in the Triumph Rocket III Touring series. How do you want to mount it? Most Triumph saddlebags come with free mounting gear to help you hard mount them, but all of them can be used as a throw over saddlebags too. If you like to use different saddlebags then use easily separable mounting equipment.